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At Lake Kitandara, high up in the Rwenzori Mountains, a previous camp visitor has scrawled "Born To Walk The Pavement" on the wall. When you have trekked 4-6 days to get to Kitandara, you'll find you identify with the writer's feelings!

Ian Mugarura
And we thought bankers were just stuffy suits!

October 15, 2008
Lonely Planet East Africa Travel Guide features Rwenzori.com

September 27, 2008
101 Safaris features photos from Rwenzori.com

July 21, 2006
New Vision honours Rwenzori author Osmaston. See article here (PDF)

Auguest 18, 2005
2006 marks 100 years since the Duke of Abruzi scaled Margherita Peak. A number of activities are planned...

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By Gregoire Landel

More than 20 years ago, GEO – a French National-Geographic wanabee – published the story of a German team of biologists who climbed the mountains of the moon. Over the next few summers, I re-read this story several times. The faded tints of late '70s film could not reveal all the colors, but I was fascinated ...
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