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About This Site

Rwenzori.com was created and is maintained by Ugandan Rwenzori enthusiasts. As such it is not an official Rwenzori National Park website. In fact, this site is not an official website of any government, conservationist, geologist, botanist, peace-loving, war-loving or other such body!

Rwenzori.com is a collection of experiences. It is purely an enthusiast site that hopes to share experiences, provide information and tips about trekking in the Rwenzoris. It is hoped that along the way Rwenzori.com will prove useful to future trekkers and dreamers alike.

A Quick History

Every Ugandan child is taught in school about the Mountains of the Moon. Your Webmasters have been out of school far too long to remember what exactly was taught on the above subject, however the presence of snow-covered mountain peaks so close to the equator (0° 23′ N to be exact) certainly had its effects on impressionable young minds.

And so it was that in August 1995, with no prior mountaineering experience, the decision was made to pay a visit to the Mountains of the Moon. (Disclosure: We confess that John Preston's Touching The Moon played a part in this decision.) That trip was magical in many ways. From the lowland forests, to the giant groundsel forests, the Bogs and the moss-covered alpine forests, it was all too exciting! Margherita was glimpsed, but not attempted.

Nine years later (May 2004), another trip was planned. This time, Margherita was the main target, having been (wisely) left out the last time round. While the years had taken their toll, this trip was just as exciting as the last, although the ascent of Margherita was thwarted by bad weather.

In August 2005, another attempt was made. This time round, the Good Lord smiled and the weather let up just long enough for Marherita to be summited. We will spare you the hyperbole, suffice it to say that at least one member of the expedition had tears in their eyes on reaching the summit.

A Thank You to our expedition sponsors is in order: DFCU Bank, Infocom and Tiger Tech.

Birth of Rwenzori.com

A website about the Rwenzori Mountains was planned as far back as 2001. Your webmasters had amassed a lot of information and photographs about Rwenzori, with a view to using it to start the site.
The idea behind Rwenzori.com was simple: The Rwenzoris are a part of the rich heritage of our country and region, which must be shared. A number of organisations are already doing an admirable job in this regard, Rwenzori.com is only intended to supplement their efforts.

In the true Internet spirit, Rwenzori.com encourages contributors. Send us your stories, pictures, tips, information, etc. We'll do our best to put it on the site, for others to enjoy.

Be sure to visit the Rwenzori History page for information about the Rwenzori Mountains.

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